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Welcome to our community of practice for product managers! We are glad you are here :slight_smile:

There are a few things that differentiate us from other communities so please read on to make the most of your time with us.

  1. We are a community of practice where our primary goal is to get better at the craft of product management by improving our skills and helping one another grow.

  2. We are a skills-first community i.e. we believe what people can do (skills) matters more than where they learned, how they learned, or who they know.

  3. We believe that building something and doing projects are some of the best ways to showcase skills.

  4. We are a community of aspiring and experienced product managers where our members can discuss topics ranging from breaking into product management to building a product team.

  5. There are designated categories and subcategories for each stage of a PM’s career. Please start topics in categories that represent the stage of your career. When in doubt, please feel free to reach out to us in the Feedback for Team Prowess category.

  6. We use the tag system generously to list related skills and provide context on topics. For example, if you use the how-can-i-do-this tag, it becomes easier for the right person in the community to find your topic and reply.

  7. Our members are rewarded for making quality contributions to the community based on our Prowess rewards program. You can redeem rewards while requesting expert reviews.

  8. To maintain the highest quality discussions, our members are given more access based on community trust levels. The more time you spend reading and making a meaningful contribution, the higher the trust level you achieve.

  9. The community is a subset of the Prowess platform i.e. the contributions you make to the community help increase your skills score. To learn more, please check out how the community works.

How to get started?

  1. Create your profile to add your picture and bio. Our members are more likely to respond to you if they know something about you, especially a profile picture.

  2. Customize your community profile to create a unique persona just for the community.

  3. Manage notifications to track categories and tags of interest to you.

  4. Don’t be shy - every new opinion, a different perspective, and every question, no matter how simple or advanced, makes this community better. As long as you follow our Community Guidelines, all topics are welcome!

Himanshu Singh
Founder, Prowess