Guidelines and rules for the Breaking into PM category

A place for aspiring product managers to ask questions and receive advice.

Guidelines and rules:

  1. Please participate to add value. If your topic/ comment can be helpful to the community, please post it. Holding back (lurking) lowers the quality of the discussion as it deprives the community of your insights and normalizes non-participation.

  2. Use tags generously. Tags are used to build your skills portfolio and help others find and reply to your topic. Please use tags.

  3. Create only relevant topics related to becoming a product manager

  4. Topics should be specific and have a purpose. No general or broad discussion

  5. No direct sales, ads, promotions or spam. You will be flagged and eventually banned

  6. Stay on topic. No one-word or emoticon replies. Post a reply only if you have something meaningful to add related to the topic

  7. No link only posts or memes. You will be flagged

  8. Avoid repeat questions. Please read before you post. Someone might have already answered your question.

  9. Be respectful, kind, and supportive

  10. Limit links and no affiliate links. if you must post a link, please provide at least one sentence explanation for the link.

  11. Do not solicit personal message requests. Community members can reach out to you if they want.

  12. Moderators have the final say