Which responsibilities of the PM roles would you prefer to be fully automated?

The term “product curtor” refers to a PM who takes on tasks that the product team doesn’t want to complete or fills in for an open position. PMs have been reported to document code for engineers and to assume project management resource overhead. If there are any aspects of your job that you could automate or have already automated, please do let me know.


Many of the tedious tasks associated with narrative authoring will be handled by AI in the next years. Utilizing technologies like ProdPad, you can already construct user stories from epics and different types of roadmaps.

Even though you’d think one-page status dashboards would be automated by now, the majority of product managers are still gathering data from several systems and putting it into PowerPoint presentations.


User manuals for items that have been or will shortly be released.

This is made easier by the Claude 2 AI, which is (in my opinion) superior to ChatGPT. I can input the user story and AC, and the AI will spit out a user-friendly summary that may be excellent or require extensive rewriting. But even if a little modification was required, it would be nice if I didn’t have to copy and paste anything.


Take a look at Acclaim Products. Consists of a dashboard with the primary objective, pertinent KPIs, some release statistics, and a list of your tasks organized by due date.


True. Tools like Zapier might fix this issue. They can automate the workflow and eliminate the need for manual tasks, making processes more efficient and streamlined. By integrating different apps and services, Zapier allows for seamless data transfer and communication between them.


Where are you copying the user story and AC from? Is it from Jira or some other tool? I need to know for proper documentation. Copying the user story and AC from Jira or some other tool is essential for proper documentation. It ensures that all the necessary information is accurately captured and recorded. Additionally, using Jira or a similar tool also allows for easy tracking and collaboration among team members.


@AlbertChappel, We deploy Jira.

It may be important to note that we are quite strict about our AC; if flaws are found during development, the AC is updated while the aircraft is in flight. For instance, if a developer slacks me and asks if a button should be primary or secondary color, I will respond in slack and change the AC.

The Jira AC has benefited from this by becoming a trustworthy source of information on what was built (for instance: how did we make the thing we developed two years ago work? ), which was originally done to aid our QA team know exactly what is required. Let’s check Jira) and it makes copying and pasting into Claude quite simple.

The prompt I use is something like, "Writing as a product marketer, revise the following user story and acceptance criteria into a user-friendly documentation of the work performed:


"As a…



And I’ll copy/paste the user story and AC from Jira to Claude.

I think my writing abilities are excellent. I was employed as a technical writer, and people praised my work highly, especially the user-facing work. However, Claude really does write superior user manuals.


Thanks; you have a good system to keep Jira fresh and up-to-date. It helps us stay organized and efficient in our work. We appreciate it. It’s an essential tool for our project management because it allows us to easily track progress and collaborate with team members.


The one thing that I would like to automate as a PM is the bit that requires me to update Aha! with nonsense. I find it repetitive and time-consuming. It would save me a lot of time and effort. I believe that automating this task would greatly improve my productivity and allow me to focus on more meaningful aspects of my role, ultimately leading to better overall efficiency and effectiveness in my work.


I so much wish that I had an automated boss. Having an automated boss would relieve me of unnecessary stress and micromanagement, giving me the freedom to work autonomously and make decisions that align with my own skills and expertise. Having an automated boss would also eliminate any biases or favoritism in the workplace. It would create a more fair and unbiased work environment. This would ultimately lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction for employees. Furthermore, an automated boss could potentially make more informed and objective decisions based solely on data and facts rather than personal opinions or emotions. This would create a fairer and more efficient working environment.


I think you’re right, @BethanyGrey, automating people management will be the toughest. Managing bots and tools is easier than managing people. However, implementing automated systems for people management could lead to a more objective and consistent approach, resulting in improved productivity and employee satisfaction. It could also potentially reduce human error and bias.

Additionally, automated systems could streamline administrative tasks and free up time for managers to focus on strategic initiatives.

Furthermore, automated systems can provide valuable data and analytics that can help identify trends and patterns in employee performance, allowing for more targeted training and development programs. This can ultimately lead to a more skilled and engaged workforce.

And last but not the least, by automating certain HR processes, organizations can ensure compliance with regulations and reduce the risk of costly legal issues.

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I want accurate information on revenue, shipments, and fleet performance. Automated reports using such information can provide real-time insights and help drive informed decision-making. This can lead to increased efficiency and better overall business management. Plus, it can also contribute to a competitive advantage in the market. Automated reports can also help identify trends and patterns in revenue, shipments, and fleet performance, allowing organizations to make proactive adjustments and improvements. Also, the ability to access accurate and up-to-date information quickly can enhance communication and collaboration among different departments within the organization.

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