What's your favorite light-weight Roadmapping tool?

What’s your favorite light-weight Roadmapping tool? Small team (15 people): Audience & Purpose

  1. Internal stakeholders - Dev planning and communication with Customer Success/Marketing/Sales
  2. External/Customers - Customer benefits w/high-level feature roll-out schedule.

Hello @AmyWalker, Productboard has some real benefits for smallish teams: A number of roadmap templates to choose from… Easy to create and share beautiful roadmaps in minutes… Roadmaps that automatically stay up to date b/c they’re all based on the same underlying data… Roadmaps are linked to underlying customer feedback so it’s easy to close the loop with colleagues and customers when features go into discovery/delivery or are launched…


I can’t say it’s my favorite because I haven’t been able to test this hypothesis… but if I was thinking really REALLY lightweight, I would fashion the tool myself with Airtable + Miro. It’d be a means to an end, not a permanent solution, but I think this approach could help a team “form” its working plan quickly and organically (so you can get to “storming” next.)


Really Really lightweight pre pandemic -
Whiteboard and sticky notes.

The socially distant version - Trello.


Yeah - @Karan, I like Trello (haven’t used it since they merged with Atlassian) but I’d like more aesthetically pleasing options like Roadmunk.


Trello is probably good for having discussions. Can understand why you’d want something a little bit more aesthetically pleasing when sharing externally.


Tons of options out there nowadays. I’ve tried many. The simplicity, usability and features can vary, so it really depends what you need. My favs today are hygger.io and airfocus.io


it really depends on the problems you are trying to solve and how any tool might help you solve that. Best, lightweight, etc. really depends on your workflow, process and what you’re trying to achieve. There are plenty of tools out there, all approach PM and roadmapping from a different perspective. I can recommend airfocus (biased opinion, I do work there!) but happy to help answer any questions

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  1. A google sheet with team /entities swim lanes might just be fine. you can develop a set of conventions and colors to track various things (drifts, idea maturity etc…) make it work well and understood / used by everyone. you can comment and track history. very raw but works quite well in practice.
  2. If it does not change too often, you can draw and ask your designer to make it look nice for a presentation, online publishing etc… you have full control on the story and branding like that.

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