What should recruiters look out for in a prospective hire during an interview?

Product management recruiters and hiring managers often look for red flags that could indicate a potential issue with a PM hire. These red flags can appear on a resume or emerge during the interview process. Some common concerns include a lack of clear goals or inconsistent role expectations, as well as more general warning signs such as arriving late for an interview, inappropriate attire, or a display of disinterest or desperation. It’s crucial to observe these indicators to ensure the right fit for the role and the company culture. As a product management recruiter or hiring manager, it is crucial to identify red flags when assessing potential PM hires. These red flags could manifest in various ways, such as inconsistencies on their resume, lack of experience in critical areas, inability to clearly articulate their product vision, or showing signs of poor collaboration and communication skills during interviews. Recognizing these warning signs early on can help ensure that the right candidate is selected for the role.
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