What is your process for design sprints?

How does the design sprint process go in your team? What tasks do you usually tackle and how long does a design sprint last? Your comments are much appreciated!

Here is the playbook we use at our company.

There are playbooks in this resource that might be worth checking out.

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What is the difference between “product relay” and “product marathon”?

We talk about what they are in their respective entries! But TL;DR Relays begin after the Product Sprint, which created the high-level solution.

Each new Relay starts by identifying a critical business problem and ends with putting a real-world prototype in front of actual customers, allowing us to validate the solution.

The Product Sprint and Relays help us create a user-validated and detailed product prototype.

During the Marathon phase, we take these mockups and work with engineering to turn them into a real product. The output is a beta version that’s put in the hands of a few thousand users.

In our org, design sprints are as long as development sprints (2 weeks) but are always expected to be one sprint ahead of development. For example, by sprint Y, we have to be ready to build some features. The design sprint takes place before that in sprint X.

It starts with the PM and the designers reviewing the backlog items that need a design for development.

Then, we try to insert usability testing with our users and also conduct a review session towards the end of the design sprint with the whole development team. This is done to get input on the feasibility of the design from everyone (FE, BE, QA) for any red flags or suggestions.

Designers make their last adjustments in order to deliver the design prototype before the development sprint starts.

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