What is the right amount of detail to include on a LinkedIn profile?

I’m curious what people think is the right amount of detail to include on a LinkedIn profile when seeking a new job. I’ve seen some very tenured Product people with just “Product Manager” (or even just “Product”) as their past several job titles, even though they seem to be Director+ based on total years in the role. Other people list every promotion they ever received, from PM to Sr. PM to GPM to Director, along with detailed job descriptions for each. Do you think one approach is better than the other, and in what situations might one be preferable? Thanks!


I think when applying for a new job, especially if aiming for a higher title/comp/leveling (the few times in life when those titles matter practically) definitely include whatever you have to support that for when the time comes.


If you’re applying for management roles, definitely include management titles. And if you were promoted, include that (but no need as separate jobs). One entry per company is fine unless you were at one place for like 29 years.

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My neighbor was at one company for almost 30 years and had tremendous experience. On LinkedIn he gave it one line, “solutions project manager”.

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As a hiring manager, i tend to like to see intra company growth vs bouncing around. it shows to me you were able to earn trust and make an impact within that org.

Also, include your accomplishments / impact. I’ve seen hundreds of resumes where product mangers simply describe the role of product i.e. “did research, defined roadmap, etc.”. those are red flags for me