What are the prioritization frameworks do you use?

What are some of the prioritization frameworks that you actually use in your current company? I have seen a lot of articles on the ideal frameworks. For example, RICE. But I would like to know if anyone here diligently practices any prioritization framework.


I use value-based approach based on points(1-3) to score each feature. Some of the areas I use the scoring on include:

  • Customer value
  • Business value
  • Scalability
  • Potential ROI, etc.

The ones with the highest score get pprioritizedover other features


Not a POV you are looking for but people often give too much importance to the framework. I have often seen frameworks used primarily used for:

  • Justify what one has already decided to do

  • Cover your Ass & hide behind frameworks (process oriented operator PM)

One primary reason is the frameworks might look objective, but the elements of factors are subjective. As we know in PM, there will be an upper and lower band for projections and if you manipulate the band, choose lower band projection for certain items, and upper band projections for others, you come out with the ranking order you want.

One needs to still keep learning and utilizing framework concepts because frameworks cover a lot of parameters that ought to be thought of when it comes to prioritization. Besides it always is nice to show the effort put into prioritization and looks good in upward management.

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Well, MOSCOW is fine on early stages of product development and that’s what I’ve been using for quite some time, but because of many stakeholders I had to develop my own and I highly encourage you to do the same.