What are the hottest PM Skill Sets right now?

What do we think are the hottest PM skill set areas right now and most in demand?

Mobile, ML, Analytics, UX, VR…something else?

Curious about what the group thinks.


This has been my career long secret weapon. I have two arts degrees (acting and religion). No technical background. There’s no reason for me to be in charge of anything, but I’ve been a software PM for a decade. Empathy is a cornerstone of PM for me.


@DonovanOkang, That’s awesome! Aspiring PM here…can you explain how to manage teams and be more empathetic?


Didn’t know what emotions wheel until now. I feel this is going to help me a lot because

  1. I’m aspiring for pm roles that involve working with people and
  2. I have a hard time finding the right words for how I feel because English is not my native language.

I hope this is truly in demand by executives and hiring managers.


Honestly a good professional product manager should be able to be dropped into any theme/industry, spend some time learning high level context and apply the same principals.

Be good at:

  • Empathy
  • Recognizing needs from wants
  • Articulating root problems and being able to articulate clear OKRs related to the problems.
  • Product vs project mindset
  • Fostering focus and excitement within a team (engineering + other disciplines) to enable high performance.

In the space I’m in, a blend of technical skills (cloud, networking, security), business skills (trends, competitive analysis, thinking big picture), and people management (both up and down, and externally) is what every recruiter seems to be looking for. I’ve had great success with my engineering undergrad / MBA background.


Seems like “growth” product management roles are the new hotness. I started job hunting for the first time in 4 years and I’m seeing the role at a lot of different places that aren’t just B2C which is interesting.


What exactly does “growth” mean? Is it simply what it sounds like?


@PriyaVarma, I don’t know the exact definition, I’m sure there’s an abundance of blog posts out there that can do a better job than me, but I think about it in terms of removing friction between your users and the value they’re trying to get out of your product. So, you aren’t working on the core product offering per se but rather the payments and subscriptions, onboarding, cross selling through PLG, etc.… in order to deliver more value to your customers and make them want to spend more money.


Isn’t the goal of a growth product manager to increase the number of active users?


Hot: AI/ML, VR, fintech, 0 to 1 product growth, SaaS, high impact/high user base, cloud, edge computing, user experience (but mostly only if it’s a Hi-Viz or disruptive product).

Not so hot anymore: big data, analytics, being a “deeply technical pm” (< still very much helps, just not as hot), platform pm experience, a/b testing (<again very helpful, but kinda par for the course now).


@DaveKim, Disagree. Platform PMs are in high demand, and based on the offers I’m competing against, are receiving much higher comp than non-platform PMs.

  • Crypto domain expertise, and in particular DeFi and DAO. Notably because Crypto seems to pay very well independently of the scale of the company and the location.
  • B2B SaaS

Experience — many people trying to move into PM right now and the most attractive quality is actual PM, or at the very least product team, experience.


Problem solving and revenue generation. Knowing what to build. Also, quick learning. The best PMs can quickly switch to any of the areas you described without much ramp up time.


Agile transformation, if you know how to take a messed-up development organization and get them following the basics is agile you are worth your weight in gold.


Is crypto still not :fire:?

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@CarolynMiles, Crypto (currency) skills involve:

  • Finding problems that point to blockchain solutions
  • Preaching crypto to friends, your family and strangers on the bus.
  • Ignoring technical limitations
  • Preparing Exit scams

In Case you mean crypto as in cryptography you can actually develop something meaningful.