What are the best practices for a PM to document user research?

I want to know how an experienced Product Manager and UX Researcher documents the user research data, are there any specific frameworks or tools out there?
Secondly, what is the structure they follow over a broader perspective?


I like to keep things simple when it comes to documentation and research by using Google docs and slides. I almost always write things down in detail, run ith by the team and then work on a summary visual. It takes a bit longer but it avoids the back and forth on some fundamental things.

In terms of structure and framework, I use the following approach:

  1. Clarify the problem statement
  2. Define the objective of the research
  3. Define the target customer and key stakeholders
  4. Select the right research method and explain it is the right research method
  5. Set a timeline to execute for me and the user research team
  6. Go and do research - meet weekly to review progress and make changes based on feedback
  7. Collect data - qualitative and quantitative
  8. Analyze the information and come up with insights (always keep the underlying data handy for the teams to look at)
  9. Justify my stand with compelling evidence
  10. Suggest concrete next steps and communicate findings

If we dive deeper into mapping a user journey, then we also need to look at:

  1. The business objectives
  2. User profiles and bio
  3. User goals at every stage of the journey
  4. User actions at every stage of the journey
  5. User pain points at every stage of the journey
  6. User emotions at every stage of the journey
  7. Our solution mitigates the pain points and brings delight.

The second part is a lot more detailed and requires coupling our solution with the user needs. The user research part requires us to focus on the problem while keeping our solution far away to avoid nudging or biased data collection.

I hope this helps.


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