What are some impressive KPI's I should include in my resume for my mobile/web app when applying to product management roles?

I’m very new to all of this and my resume lacks any metrics/KPI’s. I totally get that you guys don’t know what the mobile/web app is but I’m not here to promote it in any way. Just need some general KPIs that would assist in painting me as a competent product manager who released a mobile app and soon to be web app that our users love and use/open on average 6 times a day. I need metrics to include because I am selling myself short. Even if I didn’t hit some of them and don’t end up including some suggestions, I’m just not sure what to include and could use some guidance and advice… The job search is challenging! Thanks in advance.


For PMs, what impresses is if the candidate has a good understanding of how the product functions not necessarily if the product is wildly successful. What metrics are important and why? What metrics improved over the life of the product? What did you do to cause this improvement and what approach did you take? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the product and how did you balance them? After lying on the resume, the worst thing you could do is find some meaningless metric that is going up in the hopes to convince me that you’re competent.


Downloads, downloads per week, reviews average and count, monetization, awards won, how fast you were shipping updates, etc.


@AhmadBashir, Thanks! i don’t think downloads would assist in my case. my market is super niche and my downloads reflect iPhone only and don’t paint the full picture- like of those downloads, how many people use our app each day and how many times a day. Someone would prob scoff at the number of downloads bec we don’t have dating app numbers. but our users are loyal and love the app which is huge.

i just don’t know what to add. i see things like “increased conversion by x%” or things like that which always seem impressive. just not sure what else impresses.


@ShiyaoLiu, It’s going to be hard to tell you what to add without a name of an app or knowing the exact figures.

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Making a product people like is impressive. Understanding what people like and how they use an app is important. That’s a transferrable skill…

When my company looks to hire PMs we are interested in seeing what they think is important. If you are looking for a company that is the right fit for you, I would focus on the things you think are important, not what someone else prescribes.

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