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Hello everyone. I’m an early PM with a SaaS company. I am given the task of getting customer feedback of our product. So, here’s my question: How do you collect Feedback of your users and what do you do with it?

  1. Be thankful you have feedback and show appreciation to the users.

  2. It depends on how it comes in. Automated surveys are easy. Pulling in from social media can be tedious. Any automated tool can be helpful. Sometimes you just have to collect and sort notes.

  3. Review and take out all the stuff that is actionable.

  4. Sort out the stuff that needs to be dug into and then reference the other great posts in this thread.



What automated tool can you recommend?

I Mean for Automated Surveys or polls?


Google forms

Microsoft forms

Survey monkey


If you want to go beyond collecting surveys, you can check out It is a Feedback Analytics Platform that collects feedback from different public sources, integrates with your internal sources (including surveys) and then categorizes all these opinions to make it easier to identify issues and opportunities to prioritize in Product Development. It was previously serving only enterprise customers and we’re now launching a beta version for testing among small and medium companies. Join for free at Join Birdie's Waitlist


Users tend to be pretty good at telling you what their problems are, and not so good at telling you what to build.

Collect all the feedback you can but be aware to frame this in terms of product opportunities (needs, pain points goals etc.). If you can’t logically ladder up a feature request up to an opportunity (and a product outcome that you want to influence), it probably isn’t worth building.


@VladPodpoly, and how do you get Feedback do you use some Kind of Tools, or do I have to take dev resources for that?


I use customer interviewing and a tool I have built:


Group into core problem areas, stack rank by impact and frequency (customer service, frequency and behavioral data tells me this), then use this information to inform which ones will be best to tackle first (entirely different/separate process).


Ah okay Thank you very much. Are there tools where I can make Surveys within an App or Product without dev resources?


Customer interviews is one on the best tools which can be used. - understanding customer problems outside statistics and numbers.

Automated interviews face to face interviews feedback collection from support.

  1. Frame hypothesis to be proven.
  2. Create a questionnaire which will help you prove the hypothesis right or wrong.
  3. You can collect feedback through these: one-on-one interview for qualitative and survey forms for quantitative.
  4. Once you have enough number of responses to your survey or interview, start analyzing each question by using pie charts or graphs.
  5. Using these results you can conclude your hypothesis to be right or wrong.
  6. This will help you understand your users better and also know what are the pain points they are facing.
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@MarcoSilva, and the Hypothesis comes from Data or initial Feedback Right?

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No, you have to derive or assume the hypothesis from the objective that you want to achieve.

Ex: For online food delivery

Objective: To understand the user pain points while ordering food


  1. Users are finding it difficult to make correct food choices.
  2. Users are finding it difficult to navigate through the app.

Now, based on these hypotheses create a questionnaire which can be used for survey or interview.

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Ah! Got it. So basically, it depends on the product and it’s usage. Thank you for explaining it so simply.

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