Transition / off-boarding documentation

Has anyone put together a transition/off-boarding doc and is willing to share it with me? The context is for someone that is leaving the org but would like to document certain projects/processes for their team.


Can I ask why a simple Asana/Trello board broken up into appropriate sections with tasks/subtasks that have details along with attachments/ loom videos wouldn’t work for this?
Also asking because this is what I’ve done in the past and the simplicity (while being comprehensive) has been appreciated


I did that a few month ago when I was leaving my previous employer.I created one big Google doc that was meant to onboard the new product manager that I didn’t have a chance to be around when he joined.It was structured that way

  • Context about the product and team

  • including vision and strategy

  • Recent initiatives we invested in

  • and their outcome

  • Links to more docs

  • Active initiatives

  • stakeholders and their roles

  • Areas that would need special attention

  • Future initiatives

  • Tools list

  • including list of permissions to request

  • Key contacts

  • A list of everyone that they would work with closely and how they can help

  • Team members

  • Listing their strengths and how to efficiently work with each one of them

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This is less of a doc recommendation. But we are now using for all of our SOPs. Very nice platform. Different than a pure project management or documentation platform, since it’s focused on SOPs and running through a series of checklist steps.

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