Tools to organize the information collected

I was wondering what tools or system are other people using to organize the various information you get when joining a new company? (you just write things on your notepad, do you structure the information in categories like people/customers/tech/market&competitors)


Its best to use a digital note-taking app, you could use OneNote or Notion. Handwritten notes, while convenient, are difficult to reference later when you need to recall info instantly, and its also difficult to go back and edit.
The categories you have mentioned are great to start assimilating information to better understand your org and the market. I’d also emphasize the distinction between customers and users - primary and secondary personas using your product, their use cases and pain points.
Since you’re new, one tip for you - as you explore your product, be sure to keep making notes of things you think could be improved - buggy/confusing UX, important in-app messages that are missing etc. Your fresh perspective will help you and your team a lot!


I’ve been using an iPad using Notability so I can still handwrite my notes but get the benefit of digital. It allows me to search handwritten text or even convert it to typed text if I want, and being able to categorize different notes and folders works great for me. So if you like to handwrite but want the digital benefits, that may be a way to go.


Thank you so much for your suggestions! I do struggle with hand written notes but I guess the problem is when in meetings it’s easier to use rather than typing and annoying everyone with the noise :see_no_evil: I guess the important thing to do is transfer that info on a digital app as soon as possible.
I have added a feedback/questions section that links to things I’m discovering as I use the product

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Happy to share my inputs if you need any help.
To answer your questions -
For taking notes, I generally use Google Keep.
For listing my day to day tasks, I like Google Tasks.
For managing projects overall , I use Trello.
Hope this helps !