To experienced Product Managers in Prowess

As an experienced PM, leader ,

  1. What’s your plan b , if you get bored , frustrated with this gig?
  2. Can someone (if they want) remain PM till retirement or have to change course to fit into corporate hierarchy?
  3. What’s the strategy for the last 5 years into the corporate world prior to retirement.
  4. How can a pm remain valuable (monetary and experience wise) post retirement? Personally i would love to teach or coach any facet of PM which I am interested in.

Basically, in a nutshell i am trying to ask …what the future looks like from elder PM.


I really don’t see the problem you are stating, IMO is simple: the more experience you have the more valuable you are, not only in PM but in any position. Teach, mentor, or just launch a new product from retirement, all sound good options to me. What say?


Hey @Ahmad,

It sounds like you’re reaching out to “experienced PMs”, for which I’m not one. But I have seen a few.

  1. “Plan B”? I haven’t seen PMs get bored, but they can easily perform lateral transitions to different teams, projects and companies.
  2. “Remain a PM”? I don’t see why not, but the logical next step is Director to VP. Unfortunately, it seems to cap at VP.
  3. “Strategy for 5 years prior to exit” hahaha, you’ll be 60 and DGAF about the corporate details. You’ll have no tolerance for BS and pub stomp through blockers with extreme prejudice and brass knuckles. You’ll make people who don’t deliver feel like idiots, but still make them crave your acknowledgment.
  4. “Remain valuable post retirement?” write down all your scenarios NOW. Write it down so you don’t forget, regardless of how small the interaction was, and find the lesson in it that could have made it a better outcome. These experiences and nuggets of wisdom can be compiled for your corporate presentations on leadership in Product Management.

Document them as YouTube posts.

Good luck!


@KaranTrivedi, I like this answer. Also if OP wants I volunteer as a tribute to be coached. I’m new and can give precise feedback to get sharp at coaching.


Agree @RisaButler, but I am also very raw, but not to worry, there are other good coaches in this subject.

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I’m not sure I’m a ‘leader’ (I’m a growing middle-manager of PMs), but I’ll give this a shot:

  1. Depends - maybe consult, maybe switch industries, maybe some time off
  2. Depends on the company and your goals. You can be an IC forever, or you can work towards the exec route
  3. Depends what you want to do? Do you want to coach? Maximize income? Climb the corporate ladder? Start your own company?
  4. Depends what you want to do - Consult for companies, get into VC/advisory, career coaching, etc.