Templates/Resources assisting engg team through dev & production?

As a non technical PM, I’m looking for resources that will assist me in guiding my engineering team through the development and productization of our first external API with which some important business partners will be integrating.
I would like to do a great job of initial scoping and project documentation prior to starting development.
Does anyone recommend any good templates/resources that will accelerate my ability to best scope and product/project manage this work? Thank you.


Do you have an engineering counterpart, like a tech lead?

Yes, I do have a Tech Lead.

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Highly recommend stoplight.io as a tool, and they have a guide on how to practically build API-design first. A Practical Guide to API Design-First. The productization somewhat depends on your use case, but api ops cycles has a good summary of your options: APIOps Cycles


API ops has a lot of templates you could work off of, but in general I wouldn’t at the stage as it can be a lot of overhead, whereas building out your api-design first methodology will pay more dividends in the long run.

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@Carolyn you’ll get great advice here specific to API work but I’d just urge you: make this a problem you and your tech lead solve together: the scoping, the definition, the test plan, even the template.

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