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How are experiment results-sharing sessions run in your teams? Looking for ideas to make ours engaging, entertaining and useful!


What we typically do is -

  1. Every team makes their hypothesis and run certain experiments basis that
  2. Then in the weekly review meetings they clearly lay out what was the hypothesis, what results were they trying to achieve and then present a planned v/s actual sort of a thing
  3. Basis the result, a decision is taken whether to stop the experiment, continue with it or increase the intensity

Hope that helps


We follow this agenda - it’s totally action packed and the hour goes fast!
First half - what we learned
Second half - what are we going to do based on what we learned

Weekly Growth Meeting Agenda

  • 15 Min: Growth metrics, issues and opportunities
  • 10 min: Review last week’s testing sprint
  • 15 min: Key lessons learned from analyzed tests
  • 15 min: Select tests for this week’s sprint
  • 5 min: Check growth of idea backlog
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That is indeed a jam packed meeting. :grinning:
In my experience no agenda with more than three discrete items survives contact with a zoom call. :smile:

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