Surfacing your initiatives to the Management

What are the best ideas for surfacing your successful initiatives to higher management in a company?


I always liked Scott Belsky’s “Merchandise Progress and Action”. Here’s some stuff that’s worked for me:

  • weekly scannable post to Slack on the team’s key learnings and wins.
  • sending small relevant data points that I know will resonate with different leaderships or more importantly my change their opinion/viewpoint on a key topic
  • using all-hands to recap what we set out to do and our progress against the goals again highlighting key learnings.

For all of the above, I heavily use video clips from customers or prospects to support. One benefit of COVID has been all external interactions are via Zoom so we use grain to pull out key clips. Here’s a partial screenshot of Grain Story recapping customer research we did for a new feature.


My key learning is brief digestible (tweetable?) content sparks more conversation and interactions than lengthy status reports. Something that takes seconds to a few minutes works best for the teams I’ve worked with.


Super effective to use small snippets of customer interviews describing a problem or friction they face in their own words.


I’ve seen internal newsletters be effective at this as well as long as the content is really good.

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A Big Thank You to all of you.

@PriyaVarma, that was really helpful. Thanks again.

Agree with @priyavarma here. I also follow a weekly newsletter published on internal content sharing site (for us, it’s Confluence Wiki).

This newsletter has -

  1. Recap of the larger initiatives we are working on
  2. Progress update on Technical, Business wins
  3. Highlight Product Releases
  4. Updates on hiring, if any
  5. Blockers, if any

This newsletter is sent to all immediate stakeholders including two levels up of management.

We also have a Quarterly showcases, like tech talks or product demos, where the team highlights progress on one or two initiatives across larger audiences including senior management.

This helps us to communicate our achievements and be transparent and accountable.


@sanjayhuilgol Thanks for sharing. I like the idea of a quarterly showcase with a lot of transparency. Will apply this at my organization.

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