Stack Overflow equivalent for PMs

If you need advice or suggestions about how to handle a specific situation, prioritization, metrics to gather, etc. that you aren’t able to get help from coworkers on, where do you go? How do you know if someone’s advice is good and reputable vs just sounds good?

Is there a website that works similarly to stack overflow, but for PMs? Something similar to this subreddit, but specific to product/strategy advice only and users get karma/reputation for their responses.


But you can’t rank comments by karma, karma isn’t specific to this subreddit, and there are many different types of posts compared to just product advice.

I’ve read about people being hired off of stackoverflow because they had strong rankings and replies. I feel like that wouldn’t be possible on reddit.

It could help with the PM interview process/head hunting, where instead of going through the current “PM Interview”, recruiters and hiring managers could screen you by your responses to posts prior to or after the interview. This would allow you to have a “portfolio” of your thought processes without creating your own blog (I could take my responses from reddit, and copy them to a blog, but people could then dox my reddit account).

Or am I thinking of a product to solve a need that doesn’t exist except for in my mind?


What I personally find great about this Reddit community is that it filters out the BS artists who are pedaling their thought leadership garbage, ego overfill, and people who don’t know PM acting as if they are PM. Karma matters.

As someone here mentioned, the quality of this place is far superior then many CS related places


But also reddit has a tendency to become a hive mind, especially on specific topic subreddits, can’t say this has happened to this sub, but there is always a risk


I’m new to this sub because I’m still debating whether I should move from DS to PM but I can assure you that this PM community has MUUUUUCH better quality of posts and responses than other CS/DS forums. People here sound experienced, honest, and most importantly, helpful without being spiteful (looking at you, Blind).

Sure DS has Medium and Devs have Stack Overflow but for now PM is still relatively a niche field and this sub is the best thing out there.


I found blind only a few months ago and was all excited…after a short while I was feeling the toxicity.

That said op there is a product management bowl on I dove into recently. Doesn’t have the blind darkness but I’ve definitely collaborated with more skilled PMs from Reddit so far.


Blind is a tool just like any other. Use it to your advantage when you see fit. When I was interviewing, I actually found a lot of interesting tips and insider info on blind than people are willing to share on reddit.

Again, forget the TC or GTFO remarks and all the hate. If you see a genuine question, responses are usually good.


Contrary to stackoverflow the unique problems we face cannot be understood in a piece of code. You can at best learn theory or get an approximation what worked for someone else but no approach yields twice the same result for something so complex as product management. The result of what we seek is hard by definition otherwise our job wouldn’t be so demanding

Took me 4 tries to find a coach that i trust and that’s better than me. I trust him more than any community. In the end you have to test every advice anyway and what might work for me might not or probably wont work for you since problems that people describe usually run deeper than they say

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I can’t recall seeing anything exactly what you described besides this community but you could check out different PM communities on Slack or Discord. Usually, the members list their title and how long they have been working in their role which offers some credibility to their response.

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Well Project Management went through the Beta phase and successfully became a new Community. I bet if enough of us could sustain a similar PM community, we could get to launch one. I for one would be very interested in one.

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PMExercises is a great resource, I used it to land my first PM role! You pay per month or annually, and have access to hundreds of questions that people were asked in real interviews, and you can file by company. You can also set up mock interviews with other members, again filtering by where they work, how long they’ve been a PM, what they want to practice specifically.

You can also post your answers to the questions and get feedback from others / see other members answers.

Highly recommend!

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