Rewards and badge system for B2B

What are some of the best product gamification/rewards/badges systems you have seen? Our B2B product has a deep learning curve and we are trying to design a system to help users learn about our system in a fun way. Any references are much appreciated (edited)


IMO, especially in a b2b context, “badges” only really worked well for about 9 months in 2012. You want to think about the selfish customer and be connecting “making progress and learning” directly to value gained.
Think Dropbox - you complete a step and get more storage. Maybe they set up their profile, and they’re rewarded with a bunch of potential jobs they’re a match for. Think less about “fun” and more about “value”.


I agree. We are trying to tie to value. I was just curious what other design solutions exist in the ecosystem and in your opinion who might have done this well in the past.


One design pattern is a progress bar, with a clear next step (the way LinkedIn gets you to fill in your profile or onboard to Sales Navigator). But this might also get a bit annoying, especially if it’s too much in your face with no way to dismiss it.
When is this an issue? Do you have top-down sales where you sell the product, but then the users fail to adopt it? Consider providing a paid academy/course (with a nice certificate at the end) that would help train the users.
Or do you have a bottom-up motion, where you’re not activating the users because they don’t “get” the product? In that case, some video content might help (Notion and Roam Research have good ones). Also the whole topic of the magic moment and getting your users to experience it.

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