Responsibilities of an Associate Product Manager

What are the responsibilities of an associate product manager?


An associate product manager supports the work of product managers by conducting market research, gathering quantitative product data, and analyzing customer research to help product managers work more efficiently and effectively. Associate product managers might also work on new products, features, and various product strategies to support more senior product managers.


Companies hire APMs to make sure they can attain good talent early on. It’s highly beneficial for companies to hire someone with relevant education, such as through an associate product manager program, that can gain company experience and grow with the company. The new APM can fit into the organization easily and learn their vision, goals, and requirements without having to unlearn previous mindsets and goals.


Associate product managers can also fill a role when a product manager gets overwhelmed. The workload may not need two full-time product managers, so an associate can help cover off the excess, which eases the workload and budget constraints.


The associate product manager is a great learning role that doesn’t come with the pressure and stress of being the go-to product manager. Associates get guidance and mentorship while still gaining experience and moving along their career path as a product manager. This opens the door to eventually becoming a product manager with a team of their own.

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