Resources for learning development, Leadership & Soft Skills

Hi all - my team of PMs is interested in getting some learning & development training, particularly around some of the leadership and soft skills that would be useful for PMs. Does anybody have any resources, curricula, or vendors to recommend?


Do you have any specific skills that have been requested?


There was not a strong request, but when brainstorming, ideas that came up included influencing cross-functionally, managing up and laterally, building better working relationships with eng and design, approaching difficult conversations, etc.


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@Vlad Unless you as the team lead have a specific vision in mind (e.g. one key area that you’d like to up-level across the team in order to achieve your goals next year)— I recommend providing a set stipend to each PM so they can find opportunities relevant to their growth areas. That would be the highest ROI approach. Each person can find the opportunity that serves them best.

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