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Working in the area of Digital marketing specifically Campaign Management. I don’t have any technical background and have always been in Business side of Marketing. I want to transition into the role of a PM which is why I am currently pursuing Product Management Certificate course. I want to check with you on what’s the best possible way for me to go ahead, will there be any relevant roles which might suite my skill set. Any resources and guidance from you will be very helpful. I wanted to get a better understanding and feel of PM role. How can I get that? Any book or course recommendations ?

I would say, majority of the PM positions will be fine for you. Don't worry about not having technical knowledge. You will have access to architects and engineers to help you with technical questions. I also worked in marketing for 4 years prior to product management. Just do it. You will be fine! Read this:

Product Measures - What makes a great product?


Other than common ones recommended by Product School, I’d suggest reading User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton. Course I’d recommend is Certified Scrum Product Owner. You’re already a PM. Think about anything you’ve built in the garage, lab, or the kitchen - those are all products.

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I have been teaching folks without computer science backgrounds for about 2 years now through Microsoft LEAP. The thing I hear everytime is that apprentices have a lot of imposter syndrome about not being technical enough. I can assure you that at Microsoft, we are looking to hire people who have diverse life experiences. As a PM, communication and empathy are essential skills that can’t easily be taught. If you have the willingness to learn, be wrong, be okay with ambiguity, help others grow, you’ll find that these characteristics are something that be fostered in other disciplines. It’s up to you to decide which ones you need to work on.

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