Recommendations on a graduate degree to become a PM?

Hey all,

I’m in senior year of college majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering and want to get a grad degree (excluding MBA) for personal reasons. And I would really appreciate some advice!

As per my research, these seem to be some options:

• Product Management

• Engineering Management

• Business Analytics

• Information Science

• Economics

Which one would you recommend? Feel free to make any other suggestions!

Any background is good as long as it adds value. I have a law degree so I’m great at research, writing, and persuasion which are all important skills for a PM.

A psychology degree would give you a unique perspective on the user.

An analytics degree would help you gather and decipher data.

Heck, my previous manager had a degree in Classic Literature and was a professor at one point. It made him a great teacher for junior PMs.

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