Recommendations for a text editor

Need to find the right text editor for my app. I’ve tried QuillJS and EditorJS so far but am having some issues with them. If anyone has any experience with these or any other JS Text editor, I would love to hear about it.


what sort of issues are you running into with those?


To give full context, we aim to have a block architecture with the possibility to add images, attachments,s and toggle lists (like Notion, Coda) within the Text Editor. We started with QuillJS in Dec 2020 but the dev team was finding it hard to customize to fit our needs and hence we decided to migrate to EditorJS. We are facing a lot of bugs, the most frustrating ones being

  1. we have an infinite loader when we drag-drop images
  2. when we press enter to move to a new block, sometimes there are two blocks that create
  3. Ctrl Z does not work on the whole block leading to users many times losing their image if they delete my mistake

All this to say, we have really basic bugs and we are far off from implementing toggle lists and attachments in context (the main argument that we had used for EditorJS). At this stage, we are wondering, whether it makes sense to continue fixing bugs or migrate to something else. Any thoughts?


I like ProseMirror. It is more low-level and requires more upfront eng cost, but it’s much easier to do custom features (e.g. toggle lists)


I like slatejs. I’d be curious what you end up with.
A lot of editor problems can be traced back to:

  1. content editable:
  2. the fact that text editing is actually complex, and often overlooked since it’s not the main feature for a lot of apps, so buggy is considered okay
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Totally agree with you that text editing is actually complex and often underappreciated as it is a standard feature.
We are currently sticking to EditorJS, a choice made by our ex-CTO. We seem to have resolved most of the issues as of now. We are also taking a careful approach with customization.

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