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I’m looking for product recommendations. Has anyone found a great tool for managing new employee onboarding in a remote world? Our fall back is using a Notion template with all the company-wide links to videos, forms, docs, etc… and leaning on the hiring manager to fill out the first 1-2 week plans. But I’d love to find products that are giving new employees amazing first week experiences.
Any ideas or recommendations?


I love using Trainual for our new employees. It is so user friendly and there are so many different features, like GIF’s and videos. I have had so many employees talk about how much they like it. It’s easy to use and you can make it as fun as you want.


Checkout We wrote a blog post where an expert shares their onboarding template.


I mean this in a constructive way: why can’t a Notion doc lead to an amazing first week experience? The quality of onboarding is much more a function of the quality of the content that’s provided, which is a function of how much thought the manager puts into it. A pretty cover won’t improve a bad book.
I ask this because this past month I heard from 4 different people who joined my company (in different depts) that this has been their best onboarding ever, and all we use are Notion docs, crafted over the course of many many hours :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree that a well organized notion doc is a really good place to start.
The two aspects of onboarding where I’m expecting Notion will fall a bit short is

  1. consistency that managers build a person-specific onboarding task list and
  2. on making appropriate intros for people joining the team of ppl to speak with (like donut for new joiners).

My hope is that a good onboarding tool would mix starter content, a prompt tool for managers, and an intro tool. I’d be excited to hear if you’re solving these issues with Notion or any other creative solutions.


@Karan There’s a chance my vision is less expansive than yours but, in my book, those are very core responsibilities of managers. In my usual template one of the sections is “people to meet”, with their title and why meeting them is important. Plus there’s also a company-wide expectation to accept invites from new-comers.
Ultimately this is a classic matter of process vs tool, and I doubt the tool will fix a broken process.

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Totally agree that no tool will ever fix a broken process. My question is more about finding a tool to support a good process and make it better.
Good tool with a bad process = failure.
Good process without a tool (or a bad tool) = mediocre to good outcomes
Good process and good tool = best outcomes.
The data behind the tooling I have in mind has to do with org scale (hundreds to thousands vs dozens) and it’s the driver behind a lot of the nudge theory work. For example, the former head of Google HR (Laszlo Bock, wrote Work Rules) started Humu specifically to transform organizations through behavioral nudges.
Anyway, thanks all for the advice. I definitely :man_facepalming: when I realized that Donut for onboarding was a thing that I didn’t even think to google. Will also check out the other product recommendations.

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