Product managers at Large companies

What is it like to be a product manager at big companies ?


At larger companies, a lot of good processes and practices would already be in place. So they are great places to learn how to become a PM especially for someone new to the field. You’ll mostly be speaking to other PMs, engineers and designers. Progress will be slow and require a lot of approvals and coordination. Also, the product you’ll be working on is likely to be big and have huge reach. But your role will be small.

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In a startup the PM is usually in-charge of bigger & meatier projects, features, products - which adds mammothly to his learnings. But in a startup he also becomes a Master of All Traits (because he does not just product, but also program/process/people management). In a larger company a PM is usually in-charge of smaller features of a bigger, meatier projects, products which is usually owned by a Product Lead or Product Head. The Product Lead or Product Head in a larger company is in-charge of bigger & meatier projects, but is also usually loaded with lot of people management work.