Product Feedback

Imagine a friend asks you to review his/her product: How would you go about it?
What are your favorite tools/frameworks for providing product feedback?


Honestly, I just give my thoughtful feedback as a user. The “new employee” treatment . Odds are they are in their own product bubble and getting thoughtful feedback from a fresh pair of eyes is very useful even without a framework.


Thanks for sharing @Angela. So more along the lines off "this is what I like / “this is what could be improved” / “this could be an interesting opportunity to look at”


Exactly - I was about to recommend asking them first about what they are struggling with, but decided not to as that would place you inside their bubble. Feedback comes usually from customers who have their own targets/incentives in mind. Getting completely neutral exogenous feedback that looks at things as they appear is very precious in my opinion. Try to be as honest as possible even about the stuff that isn’t so great at the moment.


Sometimes I’ll ask people to record themselves using the product, speaking out loud as they do so.
If I’m asked to review something I always ask “what kind of feedback would be most useful” and “what aspects do you not want to talk about” before I do.

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Thanks @Amy. Setting expectations is a good tip.

I found this resource. Not exactly what I need here but nice way to think about Product Critiques:

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