Product Development strategy

I see that Product Management is majorly focussed on Product and feature delivery in the industry (I could be wrong though). How often do you see the need for PMs to lead and assess adoption, revenue and user retention metrics to realign product development strategy? Secondly, how would you differentiate this process in B2B vs B2C products? Sorry if this is a loaded one

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I’d say Product Management is definitely much more than that. It is about solving problems, meeting customer needs by creating value, and having business impact. This could involve much more. The need you’re referring to is always there. I like this article on this topic. 15 Key PM Metrics & KPIs vs B2C do have significant differences. B2C really gets to be compassionate about people and recognizing that there is so much diversity so being inclusive is important (blind people, young people, senior, people with language differences etc). In B2B we’re studying the businesses and process more."