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I am starting a new PM role. In the past I have always had a PO who wrote tickets and managed the backlog/roadmap. A lot of what I’ve done is related to testing/research/stakeholder management/strategy. I have a project manager who manages the backlog and roadmap but they don’t write tickets, that’s my job.

This seems odd but my main struggle is in figuring out how many tickets to write for a feature. The user flow is outlined but I’m just not sure what I should write a ticket for.

Example: We have a video uploading tool coming out. Do I write a ticket for the new “upload” button? Do I write a separate ticket for each piece of meta data the user enters? Can all of that fit into a “Video Uploading” ticket?

I’m just wondering if anyone has a process or best practices for finding out how granular to be?


You should be aiming for user stories which deliver tangible value and are testable. Breaking them down further should be an output of the grooming and planning process within the delivery team. Add tickets with user stories and super high level requirements to the backlog, and then groom with the dev team.

My 2 cents: since you are ‘new’ doing that…

A) epic enrichment → create epics with a lot of business information, add links, Wikipedia pages, emails, PDFs and so on

B) create high level stories with a standard template for user stories (as user X, I wanted to have P in order to do O) and technical stories (in order to do X, we must make Y to accomplish Z).

C) Book a meeting with your team (everybody), explain the project objective and discuss with them the best strategy available to solve the stories. Ask them a lot about the frameworks, solutions and so on… Make them participate!

D) Estimate the effort/time required for each story, break them a lot… Never allow them to work on large stories (6-hours is the maximum for me). If they need to spend 12hours to develop a button, break the task on 2 smaller stories (front/back end? Methods/design?)

Now, watch the team working on the tasks/stories…

If they manage to close the tickets by themselves without ‘bothering’ you? Great success! Your description is awesome!

If not, listen carefully their feedbacks/doubts and see what you need to improve no your story description

Remember: you are aiming to document once and get things done So please, listen, learn and improve everyday until you reach the perfection.

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