PM career mobility by role

Hey everyone! Curious to hear your thoughts on the different product manager types/careers. To my knowledge, there are a number of starter positions that can either expand or narrow your career options based on the degree of specialization. Please feel free to challenge that assumption! I’m mainly curious to learn which one may be the most transferrable, i.e., provide the most exit options.

So far, I’ve come across:

  • Generalist PM
  • Technical PM
  • Platform PM
  • Design PM
  • Data PM
  • AI/ML PM
  • Mobile App PM
  • SaaS
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Hardware

Tbh, you should just focus on which domains or industries or business models have the most interesting problems that you want to solve. No point in micro-optimizing for a vague notion of “career growth” if it turns out you growing into an area you don’t care for.

That’s a great point. I worry I might be boxing myself in.

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