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What is the best article you’ve read on onboarding/activation?
Our customer journey involves many tasks including submitting IDs, bank info, etc… and I feel like there are checklists I should go through. I found some on this slack but I want to know your favorite!


Please check this out…
I think this would resolve most of your queries…


I feel like the Reforge team is setting the gold standard on these topics…
Here are a two good articles:

  1. Outcome based onboarding for users vs customers
  2. 3 growth principles for successfully onboarding users

Generally talking to the question you have: The data that is required is specific to your company and also defining when you need this. Often at times in the past when we identified issues with the onboarding it was because we just asked for too much right away instead of sequencing and providing some initial value as quickly as possible. Also take a look at what the gaming industry does here. Initially I always assumed that can’t work in B2B and especially with high CLTVs, but it really works with any business. It requires changing perspective and focus on what is important to the user instead of you as a company.

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