New employee onboarding experience

Does anyone have any insight or reading on a really good new employee onboarding experience? What are the things that are a must-do to ensure a new hire gets up-to-speed effectively?


Kinda Meta: Improve on the onboarding are 3 things I do

  1. clarify the definition of your role
  2. plan and finish something simple to understand how the org functions
  3. talk to other people to understand what their incentives are

book recommendation: first 90 days


This question covers a lot of surface area but one thing that works really well: get them a buddy. Maybe two. Have them talk with some regularity. Help them get to know folks outside their team.


Would be good to outline their 30-60-90 day plan.

3 Likes has a whole section on onboarding, which is great.


All great suggestions so far.
one of the best ways to onboard them. But make sure that the assigned buddy is clear on how to support the new hire.I like to break things down into:

  • First Day
  • First Week
  • First Month

The first day should focus on getting them set up and familiar with the basic tools, bring them along to some calls, meetings, and let them spend some time getting up to speed on various things like company vision, product lines, team compositions, etc.During the first week, I like to slowly integrate them into their day to day. Have their team, manager, colleagues they’ll work with all set up one-on-ones to meet and get settled in. The 1:1s can be done over the course of the first month too. Lay out expectations of the role and set up the 30/60/90. If you use tools like Lattice/Small Improvements then you might want to get them set up in there as well. Also, I like to discuss guiding principles, company values, and anything else that’s important foundation element. During the first month, I like to share content with that that is relevant like company info, product info, team, etc. You’ll need to have a good amount of documentation available to share with them. But rather than dump it all on their plate, share some each week and take time to talk through the important stuff.
I dally, a buddy guides them through this process and then a variety of other individuals support this as well. I usually do daily checkins for the first month.
Hope that helps!

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We have an incredibly structured training program. They have self-paced readings and videos. Then there is a quiz at the end of the unit (just to see they paid attention). All of it is on Github, so other members of the team can make pull requests and suggest changes.Each week, 1.5 hour meeting dedicated to the topic. We use that conversation to kick off project work related to the topic at hand.It’s worked particularly well for pacing. I’ve started at some jobs where you have to drink from a firehose immediately. This way they show value

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