Need Template showing Growth Roadmap

Anyone has a good template to show a growth roadmap to grow a B2C product?


iā€™m definitely curious what others have to say here. My approach recently has been a variant of the Bullseye framework from Traction

  • [Bullseye] What hypotheses/strategies have been proven successful and that we are taking to the logical extreme?

  • always resource these. not doing these is leaving money on the table. we should be willing to hire to make these happen

  • [Middle circle] What are we currently testing?

  • the goal is to either move these to the bullseye or to drop them as fast as possible

  • should be resourcing this such that there is always a sufficient amount here to feed into the bullseye

  • [Outer circle] what promising ideas do we have, that we may want to promote to middle circle as that empties out

That gets converted to a normal sequential roadmap.


Love it, applicable to B2B as well :slight_smile:


@Natasha That was super helpful. Do you visualize this in circles?

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At first I did - now I just do it in writing :grin:

Found it easier as I could write it out faster and in any note taking tool rather than trying to use Miro or something