Nailing keywords with blogs for SEO

Nailing keywords with blogs for SEO -
Do you have ‘one blog to rule them all’ per keyword? Or multiple blogs that focus on the same important keyword?


I’m a little new to the space, but my understanding is it’s better to have one page focus on one keyword/set of related keywords, vs spreading it out across multiple pages.

You’re telling google “This! This is the page.” rather than “I don’t know one of these four?”


This is also all optimization assuming you’re generating content that is genuinely useful and interesting.


@AhmadBashir, The idea is definitely to have content that is genuinely interesting and useful, the question is are two shorter articles about the same keyword better/worse than one long article on the same keyword.


@Maria, I’m not particularly good at SEO and haven’t done this in years but my experience way back was that it wasn’t as important as we’d hoped. :grin:


Does having your company name mention on other webpages help?
This company gives you a sweet discount if you write about them and I wonder if this is a SEO play.


@Cathryn, That’s basically just buying links (see: step 2), which is generally discouraged.


@CathrynCui, That’s sketchy ass link building and will get you kicked out of the search results.


Totally agree with @MarcoSilva, Backlinks definitely impact, but they have to be genuine.


This blog used to be a Wild West of posts that were announcement, user and keyword driven. They followed a pillar strategy and it’s helped them really get organized and intentional about their content strategy. Hubspot has lots of good material on SEO pillar strategy.


Google is changing now. Focus one keyword per page. Plus, for bigger ones, link them all. The more specific the better


Summarizing from the discussion -

  1. One page per keyword, it’s telling Google “hey this is the page!”
  2. Create pillar ones around key pages
  3. Link the pillar pages to other ones

@NathanEndicott, have any insight? You shared some great points in some of the community threads.

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@MariaWilson, That sounds about right. If you’re trying to just create a blog, that’ll get you most of the way there. If you post more info on what you’re trying to do, I can give more specific advice. In general, I wouldn’t overthink the SEO side of things, especially if you’re trying to build out a blog. Here’s some general tips since I felt like the above was a non-answer. They may or may not be relevant:

  • Get your title tags nice and pretty. Make sure your keyword is in the title tag.
  • Your meta descriptions have no direct effect on SEO, but it does help with convincing people to click through. aka, clickbait your meta descriptions. clickbait your title tags while you’re at it.
  • Internal linking is the killer for almost all websites. Make sure your posts link to each other, not just your “pillar pages” but also your articles
  • Blogs are more content marketing than SEO. Don’t conflate the two. All the SEO in the world isn’t gonna do anything if your posts aren’t good.
  • If you want to give new posts a jump start, link them from your home page. In general, whatever posts are important to you, it’s worth it to link a couple posts from the home page. Obviously, do this in moderation
  • Don’t jam tons of keywords in there. It reads spammy, your users will hate it, and Google doesn’t care.
  • I like to look at keywords that my competitors are trying to rank for, and aren’t ranking well for. Like say anywhere on page 2. Then try and beat them for it. Less of a tip, more of just a way I get motivation. It’s nice to beat someone.
  • If you’re looking for a keywords to try and win and you’re just starting off, I usually go for less then 2000, and see if I can “win”. Then just rinse and repeat, and slowly start moving up keyword volumes.
  • I don’t worry about backlinks, there are tons of people that say that you should. If you do, I’d be very careful of how much time you spend trying to get backlinks.

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