Lot of repeat applicants recently - what is the cause?

I’ve noticed a trend in hiring and am curious if others have seen it: candidates who apply for the same role repeatedly even after being rejected (screened out in resume review - I send a note to each candidate letting them know).

  • Is there some kind of automated service which just mechanically applies for you?
  • Is this an indication that a candidate doesn’t care specifically about the role?
  • Or should I read this as the candidate being really excited? I’ve never seen this particular behavior before, hence my curiosity.
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It could be 1 of 2 things: 1) they really do want to work with you, or 2) they’re submitting to EVERY position they see that interests them. We get that a lot with roles we post for so we have a bit of a different hiring process:

  1. Submit your resume to an email address with a specific subject line. This kicks off an automated sequence
  2. They get an email back asking them to submit a video and answer 6 questions in order
  3. Submit the video back to us to the same email address in another email with a specific subject line
  4. They get an email back to complete a quiz

This process generally weeds out A LOT of people that aren’t truly interested in working with you since it’s self-selecting.

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Thanks - that’s helpful! So far it’s barely added 5 minutes to my day so I’m not going to make strong candidates jump through extra hoops but I’ll keep that strategy in mind. And there was one candidate who has applied 6 times so I finally sent him an email asking him to lay out, point by point against the JD, why he thinks he’s a strong candidate. We’ll see how it goes.

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