Looking for scaled comparison pages and upselling users

Who knows any sites/companies that have:

  1. Scaled comparison pages really well. Most sites just compare themselves to a few of their competition. I am looking for sites that dynamically scaled comparison pages with really good content.
  2. Or sites that rank for 1000s of adjascent keywords to their core business and monetize the traffic from those pages very well. Example: Imagine if Peloton tried to rank for gym in location keywords (Gyms in New York) or all the gym names and when you land on the page, they give you some information you are looking for and upsell you on a Peloton. Another example would be if Airbnb attempted to rank for hotel related keywords like hotels in New York or four seasons hotels and when the visitor came in through Google search, they tried to upsell the user on an Airbnb.

Looking for examples of sites like that.


This may be a bit too technical but I really liked how clickhouse approached the comparison problem with other DB systems



Thanks @DaveKim, Unfortunately, this is too technical for my use case. But I am sure I can learn something from here.

I am curious to know if this was an idea the SEO/growth team ever considered at Airbnb and why they didn’t pursue it.
Ex: Ranking for keywords Expedia and booking would rank for (hotel keywords) and upselling Airbnb to the user when they came in.


Hope this might help


My sense - to your second question - is that it wouldn’t work in those examples. It’s not authentic and they don’t actually sell the services that you alluded to so Googlebot would see through that.


@Bethany, in this case they will be providing good information on the search query (so that takes care of Google). And then upselling the client on a better way of doing it. So rather than monetize the gym search queries by selling gym appointments. They will be monetizing the gym search queries by upselling peloton bikes (which is a better alternative to going to the gym).Sort of how Disney ranks for baby names with family.disney.com and tries to sell you Disney+ But if you’ve seen better ways people have done this, please share.

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@Marco, I just got around to reading it. Thank you. Some of Canva’s use case applies to what I am doing. Thanks again.

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Hello @Cathryn, , I think it could work pretty well in some cases. In my mind I have a case of getcloudapp.com (from time they were competing with Droplr, where I worked. We were building SaaS with cloud storage & screenshots/screencasts). Somehow they discovered that there’s a big volume in keywords connected to snipping tool for Mac. They started to making SEO on this keyword with quite big success (data from similar web at least). Not sure it’s the exact example of what you want looking for though. I think this strategy might work as you don’t need to redesign whole your website for a keyword, but you can build a separate landing page, series of blog posts to build a link structure etc. So finally your main site could make a high position on your primary keyword, but a landing page for another one. Another thing, for each query Google assign a search intent using data that we have (it can be exactly the same query, but meta data shows that one person wants to buy a product, and another person wants to research about it). If you want to build a high position for keywords that have informational intent (you can think as a awareness stage in customer journey) your chances are higher, as people want to check many solutions Peloton & gyms could be hardcore, as you need 2 totally different actions (buy a product or go for workout). If we would like to compete for a keyword: workout ideas or where to workout or how to workout your chances will be much higher.

Does it make sense to you?

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Thank you so much for your insight @EvaRichardson. Surely what you say does make sense. Actually my question was how can I make comparison pages with our competitors more dynamic and useful for our visitors and at the same time upsell them our products. Your suggestion is definitely worth considering and giving some more time with our devs.
Thank you once again.

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