Looking for recommendations on a project management tool

Looking for recommendations on a project management tool

Need the following:

  • flexible ticketing workflow
  • Tasks that can roll up multiple levels (eg. Story > Epic > initiative)
  • Project to project linking (eg dependencies)

Nice to have

  • user facing bug reporting
  • User facing feature requests
  • Has features for strategic planning, not just tactical

Would love to learn of recommendations outside of the Atlassian suite. Not against them, I’ve used them for a long time. I like them. Just want to explore options.


Basecamp can do most of this. It offers a ton of flexibility but less of the structure you’ve described. Nice customer facing options but not a full customer success suite of tools.

If you’ve got to have the structure…Zendesk + Jira will get you where you want to go.


It sounds like you’re more describing a Product Management tool as opposed to Project management tool. I’d suggest ProdPad, ProductBoard or UserVoice. ClickUp is good for project management but talking about user facing bug reporting and strategic planning throws a wrench in most project management software.


If you have strategic planning it’s no longer project management, it’s product management. :wink:

I’d also point out - tasks are not strategic, they’re tactical. There are several tools that “do it all” - but I’d recommend against this. Strategy = product tool, execution = dev/task tool.
My fav combo is Airfocus/Trello or Airfocus/asana, but if you’re a JIRA or Clubhouse lover you can integrate those as well


Appreciate the comments. @MarcoSilva, agreed. I didn’t articulate well. My “need to have” is a tactical tool. My “nice to have” adds the strategic aspect of it. I don’t have a requirement of a single tool that is both strategic and tactical. Tactically, we’re using Trello but as we’re growing we’re starting to feel the pain of dependency management.
Strategically, we don’t have use any purpose-built product management tools. Never heard of Airfocus. I’ll check them out


@Pauline, JIRA if it’s technical otherwise I’d suggest ClickUp.


Late to the party but I’d second ClickUp for this.
Specifically, we use the Goals to track initiatives or objectives (depending on OKR’s or not), tags to track epics, tasks to track stories, and then subtasks if we need to get really granular.
They have a solid forms feature that we’ve used for bug reporting and that same form can be used for feature requests.

Also much cheaper than a lot of comps if costs are a concern.

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I’m not positive as I no longer have access but I think Aha! has all of this.

IMO, You should try target process, both tactical and strategic.

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