Launching a new product, what would be your process?

So you are at a launch phase. Product built & tested.

What’s your template/process for launching a new product ?

For study / revision as an aspiring PM


If I were the PM: Before product launch, I’d go for beta launch with selective user segment.

I’d think of below key points:

  • What are the key problem we are solving
  • Who are benefitting?
  • What’s the user segment/coverage?
  • How much we are saving/gaining?
  • How much time we are saving?
  • Back it with A/B testing or beta launch metrics
  • Credits

Walk through the full customer life journey.

  • How did I hear about product?
  • Who sold it to me?
  • How did I start using it?
  • How do I cancel?
  • How do I get help. etc.

Do you have a template?


I have A Go to market template in Google Sheets that I created together with my CS, sales and marketing leads. We assign owners, commit to dates, and the PM tracks progress with a short recurring meeting for Go/No Go.

Determine launch plan: (Internal beta? External beta? Soft launch, Sequential launch? Full launch? )

  • Legal sign off.

  • Product details: 1-page brief

  • Name, problems it solves and value it creates, features and how it works, pricing, etc.

  • Marketing assets created: marketing brief, sample articles, screenshots, videos, testimonials, etc…

  • Marketing channels: FBpost, blog, email blast (customers), email blast (prospects), PR , webinar, in product

  • Training: sales , customer service, marketing

  • Support docs: in product, support article, scripts, etc…


Can you share with me? I would love to get access to the template.


I just googled it and found a list of templates. I based the structure off the B2B Go-To-Market Strategy Template. We operate a small team so we needed something light. Tweaked it based on our needs.

Download it here: link



Do you use this one yourself? The one you recommended to download?


@Angie, I used it as a baseline and worked with the team to come up with the right items on the list. We ended up deleting some of the columns too to keep it lightweight. Item , owner, due date, comments/link.

We also identified that there was a pre-launch, launch day, and a post-launch list.


What kind of product is it? Who are your customers? What does your acquisition funnel look like? I think you are asking for a go to market strategy.

I would include details like target customer, how they get onboarded/initially acquired, steps to make them a repeat customer, key performance indicators for the full product, success metrics at the per customer level.

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Any good resources on go to market strategy?

Sure, I found this article which I found very apt to your question and almost answers your exact question. To brief it here’s a small excerpt that might provoke you to go through the whole article.

9 steps to craft your go-to-market strategy

  • Step 1: Identify the problem.
  • Step 2: Define your target audience.
  • Step 3: Research competition and demand.
  • Step 4: Decide on key messaging.
  • Step 5: Map your buyer’s journey.
  • Step 6: Pick your marketing channels.
  • Step 7: Create a sales plan.
  • Step 8: Set concrete goals.
  • Step 9: Create clear Process.
    Hope this helps!

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