Junior PM Interview Process

Anyone done the data set assessment for the Junior PM role at a company like Publicis Sapient? Additionally, anyone has experience on the overall interview process? The recruiter said there were almost 4 rounds.


Does anyone know the salary range for the Junior PM role? For those that have received an offer already and don’t mind sharing, what was included in the package?


Just wanted to know how it went for you and what the content was. I also have to complete the data assessment for the same role.


@ArnieSilvers, It went alright. It’s exactly how they describe it: download an excel file, look through it, present any insights you can make from the data.


@AmyWalker, have you gotten the next round email yet?


Yeah, I did, not at the final round though :confused:

It was the 45 min call with HR. After that is a one-hour interview, then final round which is like half a day? Or at least that’s what I was told by someone.


Hi! How long did it take for you to hear back after completing the data assessment? Also, when I received the email, it said there would be 45mins to prepare but when I started working on hirevue there seemed to be no timer? only a timer for the actual presentation? Did you have the same experience? I am so worried I did something wrong!!


Same experience about the timer, and for me it was like half a week later when I found out.


@AmyWalker, Thanks so much for letting me know! Did you move on to the behavior and PM interview? What was your experience like with those?


@Bethany, Yeah, not too bad, just lot of questions so can be overwhelming. Just gotta remember to not second guess yourself.


@AmyWalker, you had the interview with the PM team, right? What was that like and the questions like? Were the questions mostly technical?


@MartyRoss, I had this! It might differ by office but generally, its relatively straight forward, business acumen - how would you deal with business scenarios e.g. if you’re put onto a project with an old client how would you deal with that. in terms of the product bit, have an understanding of product management - what is it? i got a question about key metrics for a type of product so deffo look into that too. you may be asked about your fav product so maybe have an understanding about that too! sorry for any typos I’m in a lecture rn


Did anyone get to the final round? the virtual Interview Day for the Jr APM role? How did it go? Can you give some details on it if you are comfortable sharing?


Yeah, just did mine. Yeah of course, I don’t mind. It went well, the info session was actually really informative it made me more interested in the company. You only get an hour to go over the idea and deliverable then put together a presentation but since it’s so short they don’t expect amazing things just make sure you have good content.


Hi! I hope yours went well!

I just made it to this final stage which is next week do you have any pointers? Mine is for product management. I have no idea what to expect and I want to do well since it’s a company I’m super interested in so any details would be super appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey, just wondering if anyone has done the final stage assessment, the ‘virtual interview day’ how did it go? What types of questions did they ask/what did you do? And is there another interview at this stage.

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It’s like a case competition, or a hackathon, sort of thing. You’ll work on teams with other interviewees (could be PM but probably software and data scientists) and make a slide deck based on your case/task. Just remember to manage your time well, and be a team player, there will be a person from the recruitment team watching your team so act like a good PM. It’ll make more sense once you go through it.