Is your company PM dominated, PM guided, or PM serviced?

What type of company do you work at? What’s it like for PMs?

Personally, I worked at a PM service startup before that was sales driven. Now at FAANG I would say it’s more guided.


Pm serviced but working towards guided.


Guided. It’s a good balance I think.


Somehow both PM serviced and PM dominated. Is that even possible?


Definitely in different parts of large orgs.

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PM-serviced → PM-guided is harder, but is still possible to do in an org, even if the broader company is not PM-guided. For this, first you must build extremely high credibility with your xfn counterparts, esp those in the dominant function.

Once done (takes a few months)

I liked the thread also, but this isn’t really actionable advice for a PM in a PM serviced org!

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