Introducing Expert-Guided Group Projects


Hey Community!

I am back with an important product update and this time it is about providing more scaffolding to our aspiring product managers with expert-guided group projects.

Expert-guided Group Projects

Breaking into product management is HARD. Companies want professionals to have PM experience before they have worked in a product role. How do we solve this chicken and egg problem?

What if we can create an environment where aspiring product managers have to collaborate with peers to build something people want?

What if every team member has specific deliverables that are due by the deadline? Just like the real world.

What if this group of professionals is guided by an expert coach who nudges the team to keep the momentum?

And what if the team’s final deliverable receives anonymous feedback from another expert AND can be added to every team member’s portfolio?

At Prowess, we are pleased to announce the launch of expert-guided group projects - A hands-on, time-bound, and skills-based program for professionals to showcase their hard and soft skills.

If you are interested in learning more, check out expert-guided group projects.

Himanshu Singh
Founder, Prowess

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Can I become a community manager @ Prowess?

Peter Kari


Hey Peter,

Welcome to Prowess! Great to have you on the platform. It is good to hear about your interest in becoming a community manager. I think it would be a good idea for you to use the product, participate in the community and really understand what we have built here. Only then, it makes sense for you or any other member of the community to take on a senior role.

Having said that, the prowess community is based on trust levels so our members are automatically given more access and responsibilities as they make meaningful contributions to the community. As members gain more experience, I am definitely looking for individuals to help us manage the community. Thanks for your interest and happy to answer any further questions.

Would we actually be building a product as well or is this focused on certain PM skills only?

Answer to my question found in another post:

Overall, we see this as a two level problem -

  1. Level 1 focus on functional skills - professionals learn the basics of technology, design, marketing and product. As PMs work with cross functional teams, it is always advisable to understand the basics of other functions. The self-building stage with no-code/ low-code tools is for professionals to gain that expertise and also build things that they are passionate about.
  2. Level 2 focus on collaboration skills – A huge part of PMing is about collaboration and influence. This level is about bringing engineers, designers, marketers together to build things and ship products. The goal here is to create a team based learning environment where users learn from one another and rate each others work to build their portfolio.

We are focused on delivering on level 1 at this stage and will be moving to level 2 in the future.

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There are three types of projects on Prowess

  1. Research and analysis projects
  2. Design projects
  3. Live product

The first two don’t have the expectation of an interactive prototype or live product. The last one requires a team to meet up and build a V1 of the product that users can interact with. When you apply, you can decide which type of project you want to work and then you are matched with the right person.

To set the right expectations, the time commitment required increases as you move down the list. Does that answer your question?

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Yes, perfect. Thank you.

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Just to be clear - We have reached the stage of collaboration skills with group projects. Professionals are building hard and soft skills through one project.

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