Interviewing a Data Science partner for growth team

Hi! Anyone have wisdom to share on what to look for when interview a Data Science partner for a growth team? Suggested role-specific interview questions would also be super helpful!



  • Hyper-growth marketplace B2B marketplace startup
  • New growth team (PM + 4Eng)
  • Role would support growth marketing, product and promotions strategy to start
  • Given B2B, ideally have experience experimenting in “low n” contexts
  • Job description in case helpful

I’m always a fan of asking real-world example questions. Give them a real example of the kind of thing they’d be asked on the job and ask them to walk you through how to solve it


Yeah I find case interviews best; or better - have them do a small project that you actually need done.


Yep - makes sense. Thank you both!


I think you could borrow some questions / case ideas from the data-driven technical PM questions I saw elsewhere in this Slack group, where you dig into process and how to optimize processes, and bump up the technical/implementation detail requirements.


If it were me, I’d also test “data intuition” by using a problem/case that was an example of Simpson’s Paradox.


Having been on both the sides of the table as an Analytics Professional and a Data Product Manager - I have few ideas.
Simpson’s Paradox is great.
a)You can also ask how would they run A/B Tests in a marketplace. Running A/B Tests in marketplace is pretty interesting because of dynamic name of supply, demand, and supply demand interaction.
b)Also ask them, let us say X metric has gone up and Y metric has gone down. What would you prioritize.
c)Very important question - How does Data Science works with PMs and Engineers. Answers will surprise you
d) Ask them questions related to “Bias to Action” scenarios because you will need quick answers
e) Ask them - How long should the the test be run?
f) Since it is a growth role - Ask them what would the funnel or flywheel at faire would look and which set of metrics would they prioritize. They should come up with a framework like Reach->Activation->Engagement->Stickiness->Retention->Revenue->Referral etc.
g) Ask them what do you think are the NSMs of Faire
h) Ask them root cause analysis questions such as “Faire’s New App users have dropped 50% WOW. What could be the reason for it”
My intent to test three things a) Raw intelligence b) Business Context c) Communication Skills

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A little late to the party, but I’d add that the job description looks to be for a Data or Product Analyst and not Data Scientist. Data Science is focused more on machine learning and statistics, rather data analyst is more embed into the product supporting A/B tests, defining and calculating KPIs, metrics, running ad hocs, etc

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