Importance of JIRA

I was told that to be a PM I must learn JIRA, how true is this? Are there any other tools to learn?


JIRA is a good tool. But you don’t have to learn it unless you use it at the company you’re working at. In some companies I’ve worked at, we have used other tools. As an aspiring PM, you can learn it very quickly and easily if you need to. Don’t worry about that. I’d focus on reading about logic models, critical thinking, customer empathy instead of learning a specific tool.

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Asana is one very good tool to learn project management. You can sign-up for their free trial version and learn it. To upgrade your skills and credibility on the platform they have Ambassador as well as Certified Pro Programs. There is a complete Asana training course in the program. You can also get lots of tips and tricks to use Asana. I would definitely recommend it.

While choosing tools, I try to keep them as lightweight as I can. In general, I think that the process should be in service of the product, and the quickest and most lightweight way to build the product is the best.

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