Impact of social login on metrics?

Does anyone have a sense on which conversion % bump one should expect from adding a social login (fb, gmail and others) to a “create your account” screen?

  • Which metrics go up?
  • Which ones do not go up?
  • which ones go down?

I would be curious if someone has run experiments around this and can share some data.

Thank you

I’ve seen as low as 5% and high as 20% increase in conversion when adding social login. Generally, I think it’s a good idea to add it to most consumer products.

One thing to note is that you may see lower “activation” when adding these since you’ve made it easier to sign up so it’s a lower intent activity.

We did this at my company. We added Facebook and Apple. Our email signup option included a few fields to fill out vs Facebook needs just one click. It bumped our signup rates up from ~50% to ~70%.

I’ll also add more than >60% of people still choose email as the way they signup. Facebook is about 25%, and Apple is the remaining 15%

Finally, in talking with other PMs, the social signup provider to add is mainly based on country adoption. Facebook is best for US because it is widely adopted. In other countries, other services perform better.

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