How to workout keywords for SEO for an early stage startup?

For SEO - for an early stage startup is it better to target:

  1. Higher volume but harder to rank keywords
  2. Low volume but easy to rank for?

I think lower volume but easier to rank for keywords would be better for a startup. Am eager to hear what others have to say.


Had a chat with couple of SEO Experts in past few weeks, the common saying was the second one.
That way you at-least start ranking to something and then eventually expand to specific keywords.
Makes sense to me.


It really depends on the situation/industry/objectives etc., but I think the second one will help you get results faster and improve your DA so you are able to justify/obtain more resources to target the hard keywords.


Low volume, but easy to rank for would be my initial stance.
Beware of search intent, you can’t forecast high intent keywords the same as low intent keywords.


Hahaha… I was right though, everyone’s opinion does match mine. I mean low volume keywords are easier to rank on something niche rather popular queries.
It can help at least to see the results faster.

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Thank you all for your comments and recommendations. Really appreciate.