How to showcase impact of your product to users with data?

Has anyone done any vocation on showcasing the effect of their product to their customers? i.e. By utilizing our product, we assist you to escalate average bid value, or escalate conversion by Y%?


Oh yeah! It’s a big piece of my growth product approach to get the populace to adopt more tools and pay a subscription fee. What’s on your intellect about it?


‘ROI’ metrics are a double-edged sword, can be expedient (especially for productivity-related solutions) but can come over here off extremely generic. I’ve seen firms do several noteworthy benchmarking surveys to get this kind of data, but it’s never as captivating as just having a noteworthy tale for why the firm exists and should be used.


Depends on who your factual customer is.

  1. The firm may concern about avg bid value, but the person who decides what tools to use may concern more about production their life easier or protecting time.
  2. If the incentives are aligned nicely and avg bid rate is their key KPI then you have to be cautious to put a range on that ROI figure. It assists to have testimonials and examples of genuine customers saying how much their avg bid values increased.

I’ve only been in ‘Enterprise B2B’ startups so may be diverse for others, but I’ve never seen ‘ROI metrics’ convince anyone of anything. Listening to them, notion their ache points, and assisting them to beget relevant solutions will forever win. We flirted with the ROI advance at Optimizely and customers were inevitably displeased when they didn’t ‘increase conversions by 20%’ any month, etc.


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