How to setup Analytics team?

I’m at present establishing the analytical department in B2B SaaS startup (~50 employees).
We’re at present a squad of 2, Largely divided between product behavioral and BI analytics.
We have a growing appetite for utilizing the Databases and are keen to share the data-aware vision across the team.
Can you share your encounter or establishing the analytical squad inside your company?
I tinkling of production 4 main divisions:
BI & Monetization. Largely assist the sales and marketing squad to guide the key decision
Product analytics. assist the product squad to identify patterns in users’ behavior and fits them into the long-term vision.
Growth analytics. Aligned with a growth team, assist to run experiments
Infrastructure, Databases engineering, visualization
Anything I should be aware of?


Congratulations! I would recommend dividing your analytics team structure by domain and responsibilities:

  1. Revenue team - paid subscriptions, trial to paid conversions, MRR/ARR, churn.
  2. Engagement - user activity and behavior, MAU/DAU, frequency of usage, Personas.
  3. Marketing - Signups, CAC, LTV. User acquisition, content marketing, SEO, ads.
  4. Content classification - for big data companies who work with textural data or content classification. Usually includes ML/NLP.

Every team ideally would have a dedicated PM, Analyst, Frontend, and Backend engineers and would be acting as a separate team with its own strategy, roadmap, experimentation, and OKRs.
Wishing you all the best…

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