How to save designer's time from no-shows?

I have a great Head of Design but too much of his week is spent chasing user interviews who do not show up. We compensate people ($60 for an hour), send email and text reminders both automated and personal, and still 3/4 at least just don’t show up. When we hear back “I forgot”. It’s frustrating and it really throws off the rhythm of his day.

Has anyone solved this?

We had the same issue with 1/3rd not showing up because they are busy. Our rhythm was gone too. We then had a look at what is throwing off our rhythm if they don’t show up and basically it was the preparation. If it wouldn’t be for that we could just click on the video link, leave it open in the background and keep working till they show up.

So we created a notion template with all the preparation and quicklinks and now every interview prep is one click and filling in a few properties. I even do them all at the beginning of the day, so there is almost no interruption if they don’t show up.


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