How to reduce paid mobile signups but increase web signups?

As you know Apple takes a 30% cut from all paid apps in the app store :apple: I’ve seen examples of other consumer subscription products that have been able to drive 40% of subscribers through the web vs. in the app store.

Was wondering if the product experts here have any experiences to share around how to move more users to web :arrow_right: purchase successfully / or know of any company’s that do this well?


If you have their email address, try to get them to sign up for a subscription by email? Including a discount in the email could help

Alo Moves does this pretty well - check out the Facebook ads library and you can see the funnel they send users through. We have done similar and now sending all paid and influencer traffic to sign up via web funnel with no drop in conversions. Aside from Apple tax conversion tracking is much better especially with pending IDFA changes. Plus the ability to send targeted abandoned cart messaging etc

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We are trying to engineer the opposite switch- getting users to download the app rather than book on the web because of the loyalty hypothesis. The biggest dial mover in this redirect has been price. You can test making your prices cheaper on the web(or have web-only discounts/vouchers). And be very vocal about it on all channels(email etc.) $X on an iOS app, $.95X on the web. You can also make an exclusive feature/benefit available only if the user signs up on the web.


Have you considered delivering a web-only experience (hosted podcasts, videos, downloads) encouraging users to visit the website/get value from the subscription via the website then when they’re on-page use the usual crass (but effective) ad units to convert your subscription? Also, a discount is your friend although I don’t know how Apple feels about it.

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Youtube Premium has different pricing depending on whether you sign up on iOS $16/mo or Web $12/mo
So it seems implicitly allowed to pass on the apple tax.

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Great suggestions above. One tactic that Audible uses is that users don’t purchase with money, they use credits that you can buy or get with your subscription.
One thing that’s not clear to me is whether that circumvents Apple’s policies, or if Amazon just negotiated an exception.

Thanks, everyone for the answers. This is very helpful. Slowly and steadily this community is growing with some amazing people :slight_smile:

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